On Tour

For film, television and media industry

On Tour is a specially designed program for the entertainment industry, where eXcits offers a complete package with eXcits service and product offerings as well as the affordable services and products which are part of On Tour.

International projects discounts

As a dedicated business travel agency, we can offer discounts on selected suppliers geared for Entertainment industry. We manage these accounts for you so that you do not miss to use score.

Airline Rewards for your business

When possible, you also recieve airline bonus rewards to your company. Both for individual and group travelling. Bonus reward points can then be used for airline tickets.

Airline Sponsor-/PR contracts

If you are making a separate sponsor/advertising contracts with an airline facing a project, we can be a part of it, too. Most airlines find it very positive with a Travel agency that will book plane tickets, supply complementary products and keep a high level of service and have a 24 hour access service.

Business Travel

Make it simple, use your time for your business and let us book your trips and events. No hassles!  
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Group & Event

Large or small, in Sweden or abroad, traditional or crazy. How do we solve it together.
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On Tour

Travel & Logistics
designed for the
entertainment industry
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